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Our Mission at My Attraction Wear

At My Attraction Wear, our mission is to infuse your life with joy, love, and prosperity through our clothing. Each piece bears universal symbols of positive energy, such as shooting stars for wishes, pyramids to amplify life energy, and hearts to connect with love in the world.

We’ve witnessed countless stories of transformation; like Carmen, who found love in our ‘Money Dress.’ When you wear our designs, our intention is for you to feel a shift in your life. It’s a beautiful mystery - as you contemplate your attire and your intentions, you’ll effortlessly draw your dreams closer.

With every My Attraction Wear creation, we pour our energy to support you and your desires. We eagerly await your success stories and aim to amplify your intentions.

Moreover, your purchase helps us pay it forward. We donate a portion of each sale to charities like children’s funds. We’re not just about attracting dreams; we’re about making dreams happen.

Join us in wearing and sharing My Attraction Wear, and let’s attract more of the best version of you.

Welcome to a world of attraction and empowerment

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